“Alexa, record sleep for my baby”

Baby Sleep Study

Baby Connect is now an “Alexa skill”. Instead of using your phone to record your infant’s feeding, sleep and diapers, you can now tell Alexa to log an event.  Below are some of the possible commands (for the complete list of commands):

- Alexa, track sleep for three hours
- Alexa, record sleep for my baby from three p. m. to five thirty pm today
- Alexa, record sleep for three hours starting at two pm
- Alexa, record sleep at ten am
- Alexa, record sleep
- Alexa, when did my baby start sleeping
- Alexa, how long did my baby sleep yesterday


Diaper Change:
- Alexa, log a pee
- Alexa, log a poop
- Alexa, record a dirty diaper
- Alexa, when was the last diaper change

- Alexa, log a breast milk feeding of three ounces
- Alexa, log a formula feeding of three ounces at two pm
- Alexa, log a feeding
- Alexa, start nursing on the left
- Alexa, start nursing on the right