Baby Sleep Newsletter

Hayley Roper

How can you ensure that your baby is put to sleep in a safe environment?

Palak Patel, MD

A recent consensus published by the CDC indicates a rising epidemic of sleep deprivation in Americans.

The amount of maternal fat intake during pregnancy may alter an infant’s gut microbiome, according to a recent

Though sleep is critical for the regulation of memories and emotions, less is known about its fundamental role in neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

Craig Canapari, MD.

"I’ve put together a list of ways to sleep better for your family. Think of them of rules of thumb, and not absolute.

Alexander Nguyen

Parents with infants often worry that their baby might be napping too much throughout the day and subsequently having trouble sleeping through the night.

Bryce A. Mander, PhD

Like a healthy diet and sufficient exercise, restorative sleep is a fundamental pillar of health.

Saurab Faruque

Your baby’s diet is crucial not only because it provides sustenance, but also because it strengthens his or her immune system to keep the good intestinal bacteria thriving.

Meg Guard

According to a Finnish study published in Pediatrics, parents who are not sleeping well may perceive their children to also have sleeping problems.  In this study,

How much sleep should you be getting per night?

7-8 hours per night (9 hours if you want to play it safe) for adults (ages 18-60). Read on if you are interested in details of how this impacts different aspects of your health.