It’s a wrap for Baby Sleep Study

Baby Sleep Study

We want to extend a very big thank you to the generous, citizen science parents and other caregivers who volunteered their time and effort to track their child(ren)’s sleep, feeding and digestion for the NYU Baby Sleep Study.

Our goal was to grow a large database to characterize multiple categories of typical sleep and biomarkers (or “red flags”) for developmental disorders. Since the study began 3 years ago, roughly 1000 babies were enrolled from all over the world.

While we were able to collect data on hundreds of babies, we would need data from thousands more babies to achieve our goal. This is something we no longer have the resources to support.

One expected challenge for this study were gaps in the dataset. And this is a challenge for any study that aims to gather meaningful patterns from massive datasets. For the Baby Sleep Study, we expected it to be difficult for parents (especially sleep-deprived parents) to log every sleep, diaper, and feeding event and to do so consistently for two years.

In a new paper (link below), data scientists on the Baby Sleep Study discuss a new way to extract meaningful patterns from a dataset when there are many missing data points. They tested this new method on the Baby Sleep Study dataset and were able to gather meaningful sleep patterns that were consistent with previous research on infant sleep.

The paper can be found here. The preprocessed dataset and cleaned code for reproducing the results in the paper can be found here. The dataset includes no identifiable information for the babies.

If you and your child were involved in the Baby Sleep Study, you will still have access to the study’s web app, although we will not be receiving any additional data from Baby Connect. Please make sure to remove the study as a caregiver from your child’s Baby Connect account (instructions to do so can be found here).

The Baby Sleep Study website will remain up and running where you can access our newsletter that includes articles on sleep development and beyond. Registration on the website is disabled.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns: [email protected]