Baby Sleep News

Craig Canapari, MD

Fighting Over Bedtime Happens A Lot– Even To Pediatricians

Tugba Colak-Champollion

There is a lot of emphasis on maternal diet and fitness for the health of babies. But did you know that paternal diet and fitness are also important? 

Hayley Roper

Sleep hygiene includes behaviors and environmental factors that promote better quality sleep. Here are 6 simple ways to improve sleep hygiene (for you and your baby).

Baby Sleep Study

Baby Connect is now an “Alexa skill”.

Chelsea Maniscalco

A recently published study looked at the sleep patterns in babies and adults when co-sleeping, when the child sleeps in the same room or bed as the parent(s), or so

David Heeger

With data from over 1000 infants, we are excited to share with you some updated results from the NYU Baby Sleep Study.

Infancy is a time of rapid development and learning, including processing social information such as the facial expressions of others.

Susan Sheng

When adults and babies interact, they will often mimic each other’s expressions and emotions. This is sometimes referred to as behavioral synchrony.