Baby sleep news October 11, 2016

Baby Sleep Study hopes to learn more about infant development and to recognize early markers, or red flags, for developmental disorders. In order to do so, we need your help: spread the word. If you have friends and family who have or are expecting babies, let them know that they can make a valuable contribution to science. Please also help spread the word to people you know who used the Baby Connect app in the past- as soon as they (like you) sign up, we get all of the information that they previously logged.


Why you fall asleep part 1: Harnessing sleep drive for a better bedtime

Craig Canapari, MD.

"When I see children or teenagers with sleep difficulties, the first questions in my mind are, “What is bedtime like? What time is it?

Pascal Wallisch

Everyone has to sleep. So it is not surprising that everyone has thoughts about sleep. However the science of sleep suggests that not all of these beliefs are correct. Here are some common myths about sleep in our culture, in no particular order:


Bryce A. Mander, PhD

Like a healthy diet and sufficient exercise, restorative sleep is a fundamental pillar of health.