What can I do right now if my baby has problems sleeping?

Scientifically-based Actionable Advice
Pascal Wallisch
Baby Sleep Study Co-Investigator

"My baby has a hard time going to sleep and keeps waking up throughout the night."

"I'm so tired that I can't even begin to look into what is going on."

These sentiments are quite common among new parents.

We get it. We recognize that parents of young kids have better things to do then to ponder the intricacies of retinal ganglion cell response dynamics and their impact on the sleep/wake cycle.

So let's cut through the chase. The simplest and most straightforward thing you can do that makes a big difference is to put an orange lightbulb in one lamp and use that when the sun is down, in the evening as well as when you are up at night with the baby (e.g. for feeding or changing diapers). 

This will help to more rapidly establish regular sleep/wake cycles and make sure that they don't get disturbed once established.

Click here if you want to know more about how. Here if you want to know why and here if you want to know why it is important.