Saurab Faruque

Your baby’s diet is crucial not only because it provides sustenance, but also because it strengthens his or her immune system to keep the good intestinal bacteria thriving.

Baby Sleep Study

In last week’s Baby Sleep Study newsletter, we focused on behavioral sleep problems in children. We ask our readers for feedback, questions, and article suggestions. One parent asked:

Siddharth Krishna

Is your baby twitching in her sleep? Don't panic. Resist the urge to pick her up, to hold her limbs down, or to play whackahand. Contrary to what you may think, the baby isn't beginning to wake up, or flailing in her dreams.

Hayley Roper

When it comes to feeding time, children can be unpredictable. One day, an avocado is delicious and the next, repulsive. This can lead to frustration amongst most parents whose concern is to make sure their baby and child has a nutritious diet.

Pascal Wallisch

"My baby has a hard time going to sleep and keeps waking up throughout the night."

"I'm so tired that I can't even begin to look into what is going on."

These sentiments are quite common among new parents.

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