Updated Baby Sleep Study web app

David Heeger
Principle Investigator

We have made some changes to our web app to make it easier to see how your infant compares with others in the NYU Baby Sleep Study. You will no longer need to locate your child’s kid ID number to access the web app. Instead, log into babysleepstudy.org and click on “participant dashboard”. Underneath your child’s kid ID, you will find the link, “view this baby’s data in our interactive web app”. If you have more than one child enrolled in the study, this link will appear under each child’s kid ID number. By clicking on this link, you will be directed to the web app showing your baby’s data.

The new home page now displays the number of sleep, feeding and diaper changes across all participants in the study. Additionally, you can see where caregivers are logging around the world. We have also added new data so that you can compare your child’s feeding and diaper changes with others in the study. To navigate between sleep, feeding and diaper changes, use the dashboard navigation on the left, or the menu bar on the top right. We will update these numbers and charts each month.

The following links may be useful in navigating and understanding the charts on the web app:

Baby Sleep Study Initial Results

Baby Sleep Study interactive web app

Thank you for participating in the NYU Baby Sleep Study.